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Longest confirmed kill PCP

I took a starling at just under 103 yds in the wind using a scope cam. I have multiple 100 yd kills caught on scope cam and a camera mounted to my scope. I have a couple longer starling kills with one being 118 yds but I wasnt doing any video work at that time. I am sure there are some longer hits on video than mine but anytime you can reach out to 100+ yds especially in windy conditions and get the kill its impressive.


Dec 9, 2015
Cali, Bhutan
    I took a squirrel the other day at 104yds on a very windy day. It was actually my second attempt on that same squirrel but obviously missed on the first try. Luckily, I had a scope-cam to review the footage in slow-mo. Made corrections and took him out on the second shot. The MRod and MMHF barrel is showing great results and I feel more confident stretching her out even further. Which, I actually did this weekend with a 152yd confirmed kill on a ground squirrel laying under a walnut tree. 



    Before I bought an X-Sight, I did hit a few prairie dogs at 80+ yards. But now that I have it, the longest one so far was just 57 yards—not a record to be sure. Here's the video. 

    As for the longer shot.... I shoot a WARized .25 caliber Marauder. At about 45 FPE, anything much over 100 yards is a bit of a stretch, and not humane in my opinion. 
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    Jun 5, 2015
    --, Belgium
      MarkUKI think it might be a fun idea, but I think it would not be good for our sport to actually do.

      I can get sub 1" groups out to 65 or maybe 70 yards in good conditions, but I don't need more temptation to aim at live quarry further out than that.

      I was thinking the same Mark, don't mix up hunting with target practice.
      If you don't feel 100% confident to take a shot, then don't do it.
      I'm sure a lot of footage won't make it to youtube if you start a "challenge" like this.......
      Just my 2 cents.

      "Alan"As for the longer shot.... I shoot a WARized .25 caliber Marauder. At about 45 FPE, anything much over 100 yards is a bit of a stretch, and not humane in my opinion.
      Targets tend to stay put. Game tends to move. Not only that, if you hurt the animal at that range, try making good a follow-up shot to finish the job. Especially with birds, I'm told they do something called flying. Go figure... In my opinion, if you hunt, in particular with an air rifle, follow the advice of Gijs. If you're not 100% confident you can make a clean humane kill, don't pull that trigger. I've seen so many hunting vids come by where the animal suffers for minutes sometimes, it makes my stomach turn. And no, I'm not against hunting or anything. But if you do it, do it humane, and don't overstretch it by trying to test the limits of your rifle at the expense of the animal.
      JonnesThat second shot says it all. That crow was hit, but flew away. Follow-up shot can't be made and the bird suffers.

      No my friend watch it closely there were 2 crows, the one in front flew while the other that got hit went down like a rock. Since it was a bit dark when I took the shot I also thought the same but when reviewed the clip saw it dropping clean.