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.177 Sluggers

Just got the RTI Prophet Performance .177 and it is very accurate with slugs 👍🙂

Planning on adding a 600 mm LW polygon barrel 👍



Could be because the .177s only come in 500mm? All other calibers are 600mm in the Standard length.

Edit: I see he posted his reason. Good to know also.

And thanks for the info on the reg! I have the plenum on my Compact already, but looks like I'd need to have the full length barrel rather than compact barrel to keep reg pressure not too high. Shooting at 110bar and 28fpe in .22 right now. So more to think about on that as well....
Well, I have my “little” Uragan Compact coming. I thought it would be worth the time to try some slugs in it. Here is the following which will be tested.

  1. Precision Ballistics 10.4 gr. Makos - 2 types (1 is prototype)
  2. NSA 12.5 gr.
  3. JSB 13.4 gr. Knockouts
  4. JSB 10.05 gr. Knockouts

    It will be a bit before I get into messing with the slugs at an in-depth levels. Need to know the gun and go from there, I have faith in the CZ barrel.
In a recent discussion with Franklink, it was mentioned that Zan made some 20ish grain 177s. Since I've become a little taken with the NSA's, I thought I would search for some today. Zan lists NO 177s on their website but Krale has 3 offerings that are out of stock.

Anyone know anything about the Zan 177s ?

I built up a little 177 slugger from mostly Benjamin and Cothran parts, Magnum valve. Not had a chance to get it to the range yet, just too windy, but in my garage range of about 30 feet, it will make 42lbft with the NSA 20.5's. The groups tighten up a bit with NSA 15's or JSB monsters. All groups are clovers but the 15 grainers just shoot a bit tighter. With a light pellet it will push 1300fps. And this is just with a cheap 24" Crosman barrel. May be time to put a "good" barrel on it and see what it can do. It could certainly use a faster twist for the heavier slugs. And a heavier barrel not requiring barrel bands could "float". Hmmmmmmm

We are currently experiencing bipolar weather here in Southern Oregon, and I missed out on a couple of decent shooting opportunities (sometimes work gets in the way). Today was by no means a perfect day for shooting, but it wasn't raining, so I finally got the chance to try out my Zan .177 slugs that just came in.

I received the 10g, 13g, 16g, and 20g. I shot them all, and since the JSBs shoot excellent with my gun, I compared the Zans to the JSB 13.43g as a baseline.

There were swirling winds and I had to pick my best opportunities, so at best, this is a screening test. I was shooting off a Caldwell Fieldpod, and I was making a reasonable attempt considering the conditions; the results show great promise for the .177 Zans in 10g, 13g, and 16g. I am sure the 20g would do better with a greater FPS. I typically do not "tune" my guns. If I get decent groups using the hammer spring adjustment alone, then I live with that and try projectiles that work within those settings. I was at hammer spring 5 for all shots, including the 20g, where I also shot at Max, so there are 2 groups for the 20g.

You will also see a heck of a flier on the 10g. That was shot #1 where a gust of wind came up just as I pulled the trigger, so it's obvious that the gust was active at the target, so I didn't count that one, and there is a hole in hole on that target as well.

I'll post pics once the site has uploads working again.

Zan 10gZ-10.1654216498.jpg

Zan 13g[url="https://www.dropbox.com/s/a99yzari7hrf3s9/Z-13.jpg?dl=0"]Z-13.1654216523.jpg

Zan 16g[url="https://www.dropbox.com/s/r3vmyzrwb4le4zm/Z-16.jpg?dl=0"]Z-16.1654216537.jpg

Zan 20g[url="https://www.dropbox.com/s/1lfp5813h31rkcx/Z-20.jpg?dl=0"]Z-20.1654216553.jpg

JSB 13.43[url="https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqloawpq8ogoibm/JSB%2013.43.jpg?dl=0"]JSB 13.43.1654216567.jpg

As the pictures show, the JSBs don't look as outstanding as they usually are at 50 yards, but again, it demonstrates what the Zans are capable of on a better day.