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I cast pellets, slugs, round balls in .177 to .58 cals. I own Hatsan, AEA Gamo products and willing to help anyone with casting questions, where to get molds. or samples to try in your gun before investing in casting equipment
Here is my new Project.... Parts are still coming in..
My M3 had a few personal mods.. like the flame colored Titanium cocking handle-lower section is ball-bearing supported
More to come....


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No rest for the weary. Today is smoke a beef brisquit day
Then take care of garden. Sprayed tomatoes and checked over the tomatillos. I make smoked salsa and green sauce when the produce is ready.

nice garden great fresh food is great. got few things growing also
Today was a classy kind of day.


WE Deacon with titanium frame, carbon fiber inserts, and M390 blade steel. 👌
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Is that a flipper, Michael?
Yup, the Deacon is a ridiculously smooth flipper. Too classy to carry every day, but perfect for light duty.

I've yet to own a Hinderer, but I hear they are bulletproof! Are those OEM scales or aftermarket?
The Heretic Manticore E is a nice mid-sized OTF with better than average ergonomics and premium materials.

The slight recurve blade and battleworn grip is a great touch.

Been looking at the very same knife for a while now. Great OTF and not crazy expensive either.
Well blow me down! I just realized that the LATEST ACTIVITY tab under FORUMS is a live feed scroll. When new posts are made, that page automatically adds the new content without having to update the web page. That is 100% awesome for those times when I'm jonesing for new content :)
🤘 💥

After I beat this variant, I promise to make a few instructional videos that highlight many usel features.

Hey Lewis, kinda quiet from your corner lately? Get anything new / interesting lately? I’m spending most of my shooting time with the springers. Seems like I hardly ever shoot the Thomas any more. Maybe it’s just too accurate for my home range. Might end up selling ito_O. Leme know what you’ve been up to. Uj
Hi Moses .

I"ve seen your post regarding a Guppy tank from a friend that developed a leak ,and you was asking for the correct size,etc.

I have exactly the same issue with my Guppy air tank, and wonder if you guys fixed the problem .

Do you remember the size of the o-ring that you used ,and what material it ?

I think is 14mm x ??? (2/2.5/3 mm) ?

If you have that info ,it will be greatly appreciated .


FX Pocket Chronograph, Like New​

I just stopped using PP. would you accept a personal check, or Zelle?
If this works, and it's still available, let me know, thanks.

P.S. I just bought a gun from L.Lion with a check if you want to check me out.
Sorry Felix , another member beat you to it, he messaged me at 2:12pm
Win some, Lose some :)
Thanks for the reply!
I'd like to buy your UTG scope if it is still available.
Pat Kendall, Collierville, TN
I've got a person who is also interested in buying it. If the deal falls through, I'll let you know. Thanks!
Just make sure you have a nice big RV to block any wind, get a great shooting lane ( that doesn’t have wind), have perfectly sized / sorted pellets, and nothing but 10’s and X’s. - and you’ll do just fine! Easy, peasy..

Or, I can ship you my new Boss .25! 😀😀😀

Seriously, good luck to you and the team!

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Give it time. You can still view the forums like you use to. You don't have to use the new features. It really is neat that you can now pick and chose how "you" want to view and interact with the AGN. I speaking as an old 60+ old dude, whose not tech savvy. Give it time and some patience.
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Break a leg at RMAC Mike! Hope we get a chance to get out & hunt together before Tony & Barb take off. Wish you straight shooting & best of luck!
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Thanks Gerry, wish I was retired so I could actually practice like the real Pro's that shoot and/or make videos for a living. But it is what it is, so the shooters that shoot Pro, but hold down a real job gotta fake it till we make it... Look at all the FX factory shooters that arrived a week in advance with nothing to do but practice. I'm actually envious... ;)
Great seller! I bought a scope from lwm211 and it was a very smooth transaction. I highly recommend him.


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