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ZEISS 4-16×44 Conquest V4 Side-Focus Riflescope with Exposed Elevation Turret (Z

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    You will probably laugh but I got tired of losing shots because my scope was not purpose specific.  I have an older Burris E1 Fullfiled 2-7x35mm.  It had fixed parallax at 100yds.  I had Burris change fixed parallax to 40 yards.  It is crystal clear and bright from 10 to 70 yards. Never a parallax adjustment.  When the squirrel changes trees, height, distance I just point and shoot.  It has a huge field of view which helps chase them in the trees.  If you lose him out of the scope field of view you are usually screwed.  I see it as 75% getting the shot and 25% making the shot.  

    The E1 has the Ballistic Plex E1 reticle which is medium thick crosshairs that only take up 20% of the center of the reticle.  The rest is just clear large field of view.  It has a few cascading dots for hold overs with wind.  Eye relief is great and weighs only 12oz.  The scope is 11" long with low wide turrents.  There are lots of scopes like this out there easily modified for shorter distance. 

     For what you were spending you could get something like this specific to squirrel hunting then get another scope more for target/plinking and still have money left over.  Put quick detach rings on both and mark your dovetail.  We are talking zero recoil PCP's here.  Just a thought.



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