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ZAN hits another homerun!

Forums Dealer & Manufacturer Feedback ZAN hits another homerun!

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    United States
    Accuracy: +8

    I ordered some JSB 18.13's and a few slugs to play with.  This was the 10th at 5:20am eastern.  20 minutes later they were shipped – WOW.   AND then DHL took over and got them to my front door in Maryland today the 13th at 2:11 pm.

    Packed well and not abused.  They even sent some extra slugs.


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    United States
    Accuracy: +0

    Zan slugs are on point in my bench rifle.  The service, communication, and product are unreal.  Super Great.  As it stands, my bench rifle shoots the 44 he hpbt at 985fps like a laser.  Sofar I have been able to hit on target out to 300 meters.  SUPER Happy!

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