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    These are the parts you can't buy that are calibre specific.  These parts are .25 and I want to trade for the same parts in .22.

    All you would need is a probe (for impact or crown) and brass barrel inlet (for impact or crown).  Both parts available to buy at fxusa.

    You keep your barrel sleeve, shroud.  To remove the part on the left from the sleeve heat it with a propane torch until warm and grab it with pliers or something. (Gently)  hand on sleeve is enough.  They are loctited on and need heat, if it gets hard to unscrew add more heat but careful there is an oring in the part on the left.  

    My .25 parts below for your .22 parts.  Barrel length is irrelevant,  500, 600, 700 doesnt matter.  Can possibly also trade .25 700mm pellet liner A for the same in .22.  (700mm)

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