SOLD!!! WTS/WTT: Taipan Veteran Shorty .25 Caliber with SUMO, $1150 shipped

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    I have a .25 caliber Taipan Veteran Shorty that I want to sell. It is a sweet little airgun, excellent shooter, excellent trigger. The stock is in excellent shape. It shoots the JSB 25.39 grain pellets at 890 fps. That's 45 fpe. It is very short at 24 inches (w/o moderator). Too short for my large frame. The Veterans will not let you double load a pellet. The side lever cycles easily and it is easy to cock. The gun is backyard friendly without the moderator and very quiet with it. I am on the other airgun forum's BOI many times as well as Airgun Nation member feedback, all positive. I did nothing to this gun except shoot it and clean the barrel. Included are 4 magazines, a single shot loader, the bipod, the Donny Sumo moderator, a fill probe and adjustment pins to adjust the hammer spring. I am asking $1150 shipped to CONUS.

    Original cost breakdown is a follows (Talon Tunes):

    Taipan Veteran Shorty .25 with 2 mags and single shot loader —— $1289

    2 extra magazines at $39.95 each ——————————————— $80

    Moderator adapter 1/2-20 ——————————————————– $50

    Donny FL SUMO moderator ————————————————— $150

    Caldwell Bipod ——————————————————————— $50


    Grand total ———————————————————————– $1619

    Scope and rings are not included. The gun will ship in its original box. My name is Larry Ganey (Notimeman), [email protected]. I prefer Paypal F&F or you pay the fees.   I really like the quality and precision of the Veterans and would be willing to trade for a Veteran Long.  Thank you for looking.




    Larry, the silver finish on the barrel.  Fill me in.

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