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[SOLD] Leshiy Classic Gen 2 .22 250mm, Huma dispenser & 12 ft-lb/full power reg

Forums Member Classifieds [SOLD] Leshiy Classic Gen 2 .22 250mm, Huma dispenser & 12 ft-lb/full power reg

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    United States
    Accuracy: +9

    SOLD 11/3

    Selling my Gen 2 Leshiy classic in .22, 250mm barrel. I bought this new from Edgun West in 2018. It's seen little use and is still in like-new condition.

    I set this up primarily for rats and other small critters at night that didn't need a ton of power and I wanted to be able to dial the power way down not to blast holes in the walls of the barn. Thus it has a Huma regulator with 12 ft-lb plenum currently installed (the delrin plenum restrictor that makes the small 12 ft-lb plenum even smaller is not currently installed.) With the current settings top end power is about 20 ft-lb, my peak hammer setting sends JSB 18.1s @ 695fps– way more than enough to thump a rat. You can dial it all the way down to 300fps with the hammer adjustment and watch the pellets slowly arc to the target which is pretty funny. The rifle has a very good shot count with the Huma regulator and small 12 ft-lb plenum, far more shots per fill than the larger stock regulator and plenum– but again, the top end power with the small plenum is only about 20 ft-lb.

    The full size / full power Huma plenum as well as the stock regulator and plenum are also included. I also have the original valve stem and spring (you have to cut down a valve stem for the tiny Huma 12 ft-lb plenum, so I bought one to modify just for the 12 ft-lb plenum) as well as a spare valve stem and the other optional valve return spring that came with the Huma regulator kit. Also included is a Huma regulator rebuild kit.

    The gun also has a Huma pellet dispenser on the side.

    I swapped the stock trigger stop screw for a ball plunger screw so there's a definite second stage to the trigger instead of the stock vague pull without a clear second stage.

    Also included is a longer / more vertical grip that was 3D printed with carbon infused filament that I bought from a member here. I ended up preferring the stock grip.

    The gun only has 2.5 tins of JSB 18.1s through it. I used most of them for testing and tuning the regulators and the different plenums. I only used it a little bit at night for rats– turns out I prefer a gun with a magazine for night time use so I don't have to fumble with pellets and load a single shot gun in the dark.


    Extras also available:

    Dedal Stalker 6x scope with Vortex Defender flip caps, like new condition. I only used lithium batteries in it, so no leaking alkaline batteries in the battery compartment. Included original box, manuals, and fabric cover. SOLD 10/23

    Vortex Venom 3MOA red dot on Arisaka offset mount, like new condition. I used this for really close rats in the barn where I either didn't have time to focus or they were too close for the Dedal to focus. Box, manuals, picatinny mounting plate, and adjustment tool included. NLA, moving this to another gun for now

    Sig Romeo 5 Compact with 2MOA dot, like new condition. Again, only ever used lithium batteries in it so no worries about leaks in the battery compartment. Honestly, for close range ratting and squirrels out to 20-25Y this was the fastest combo out of all of them– no fussing with focus on the Dedal Stalker, and no rotating the rifle 45 degrees to pick up the Venom red dot. Box, manuals, and adjustment tool included. SOLD 10/23

    Shipping and insurance to the lower 48 included. I'm OK with shipping to HI or AK, but because of additional shipping costs I'll have to get a quote for you and figure out the additional costs.


    Asking $1275 shipped and insured for the rifle with the Huma pellet dispenser, Huma regulator with both plenums & rebuild kit, stock regulator and plenum, stock length valve rod and spare valve rod.

    Add $725 if you want the Dedal Stalker 6x SOLD 10/23

    Add $275 if you want the Vortex Venom red dot on the offset Arisaka mount NLA, moving this to another gun for now

    Add $145 if you want the Sig Romeo 5 SOLD 10/23




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