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    I have a recently tuned HW50 .22 from Motorhead. It is in perfect condition as I barely shot it maybe 20 pellets in my backyard to roughly sight the open sights in. Why you ask? It's one of the best looking beech stocks I've ever seen and I'm afraid to take it on the dairy and get it all banged up. It shoots so smooth and nice and easy it's amazing. Having a professionally tuned springer is a huge difference from a stock one. Here's what Scott did:

    Got into the AOA delivered HW-50 and gave it the full tune as discussed. Only issue not in original quote was that we needed a NEW piston seal to get the gun where i needed it to be compression and seal fit wise.


    Full deburr, Minor tube hone, Fit new seal, Cleaned & lapped barrel bore with leade & crown touch up & bore waxing. Trigger work and final adjusting. set up as required using proprietary lubricants.


    * Out of box it shot JSB 15.9 at @ 520 fps and Very very buzzy / twangy.


    ** After the tuning shoots JSB 15.9 at @ 590 fps with a Very very solid thump with zero twang or buzz.

    $375 OBO shipped to your door. No trades. PayPal preferred.

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