(expired)SOLD: Hatsan AT44-10 QE Long Rifle in .25~

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    Hatsan AT44-10 QE Long .25. I’ve only shot this gun a handful of times and it is almost as accurate as the Bobcat. Itwill ship in the original box with two mags, fill probe, spare o rings and whatever accessories came with it when I received it. Bi-pod and scope are not included in the sale. This Hatsan was purchased as a refurb from airgunweb and it shoots beautifully. 

    There is one issue with the gun and it is a very tiny leak somewhere and if you let the gun sit for a few weeks it will slowly discharge over that time. I haven’t investigated the source at all but I think there is a full set of o rings for the whole gun included so it’s likely an easy fix for whoever wants to take a few minutes to figure it out. I am figuring this into my asking price of the gun.

    Bought from Cliff_Allen

    Shot it like 30 times. It is super accurate for the price, almost to the point of no reason.

     Price is $370 via Paypal gift or +3%, shipping included. I also accept trades and offers.

    Update: Now $330

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    I shall drop the price to 330$. Anyone interested in it please PM me. I am open to offers+trades. 

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