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    Have not been shooting a lot lately and this awesome gun will be suited in a better home.

    Tuned and modified by Mr. Ken Hicks himself. This is not your average impact. Ken did a few things to this gun and hopefully I can name them all and accurately. First, there is a custom tube for the liner housing reducing harmonics and improving accuracy. Because of this there is a thicker, stronger, custom made pellet probe. The trigger has also been modified to have a very light 2 stage or a single stage break. And of course, it has been tuned. I can provide video of him tuning it showing the accuracy and consistency. Below you will see my first groups with it and it still shoots just as great today. Delrin c3 bumper has been installed with it shooting a 45gn pellet around 900fps. Sub moa groups can be had on a regular basis. DonnyFL V2 Sumo with custom dampening material helps to quiet the gun down. Side shot high capacity magazine is used for ease of loading and getting you those extra shots. Edgun digital gauge is used in the rear for knowing exactly what your tuned pressure is just in case the gun needs to be taken apart for repair and if you do decide to tune for a different caliber. Wika gauge is used on the front for knowing exactly how high to fill and what to shoot to.

    The gun can be sold as a complete package or pieces can be sold seperately.

    Currently mounted is an Athlon Aries BTR Gen 2, 4.5-27×50. This optic has incredible features and is by far clearer than most recommended optics for airgunners.

    FX No Limit Rings

    Atlas BT10-LW17 Bipod with ADM 170-S lever.

    First 100y 10 shot group I shot. Well under MOA. Pic is measured edge to edge and not c-t-c.

    Full mag at 100y in tuning. Shoots lights out!

    Shipping is included to continental US, but buyer must cover PayPal fees. Asking $2500 for complete package. Feel free to make offer on gun or individual items. Also feel free to ask any questions, I am sure I forgot something.

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