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[WTS] FX Impact M3 Stainless Steel Screw / Bolt Upgrade Kit (also have Mk I & Mk II)

Forums Member Classifieds [WTS] FX Impact M3 Stainless Steel Screw / Bolt Upgrade Kit (also have Mk I & Mk II)

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    [PLEASE NOTE: if you want a kit for the Impact X or MkII, I have those available as well!]

    Hello AGN:

    The stainless steel screw/bolt kits I sold for the FX Impact X & MkII's proved to be pretty popular so a few people have asked for a kit for their new Impact M3's . . . so here it is!  This kit will replace most of the visible screws (and some partially hidden ones like the scope rail and guiding plate) on the M3.  The stainless steel bolts will wear better and won't rust over time; it's also an inexpensive way to add a nice bit of flash and contrast to the rifle.

    Each kit will come with the bolts separated in labeled bags and a spreadsheet with installation notes.  The schematic and parts list can be found here:

    Here is a list of the included screws/bolts:

    • Cocking bolt socket head cap screw (1)
    • Trigger guard socket head cap screws (4)
    • Trigger block / power plenum socket head cap screw (1)
    • Cheek rest socket head cap screws (4)
    • Bleed valve socket head cap screws (2)
    • Left & right rear plate socket head cap screws (8)
    • Guiding plate (the plate beneath the scope rail and cheek rest) socket head cap screws (12)
    • Barrel locking grub screw (1)
    • Regulator gauge plate socket head cap screws (4)
    • Sprint holder (the plate to the left of the power wheel) countersunk screws (2)
    • Power adjuster wheel countersunk screw (1)
    • Front scope rail socket head cap screw (1)
    • Rear scope rail socket head cap screws (2)
    • Grip socket head cap screw (1)
    • Pellet probe grub screw (1)

    Price: $50 shipped

    Here are some photos of the screws/bolts installed on my Impact M3:

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