(expired)**SOLD** Daystate Wolverine .303 Hi-Lite /c two extra magazines

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    Sacrifice-  Daystate Wolverine .303 Hi-Lite /c two extra magizines.   I’m selling my virtually new Daystate 303 Wolverine Hi Lite with additional 2 extra magazines for $2250 shipped ground CONUS, Paypal Gift or USPS money order in it’s original box with all enclosures.  **Scope and rings NOT included**

    2 Spare Magazines 
    The rifle came with one 5 shot magazine and I am throwing in two additional spare magazines. This is a $280 value. 

    I took delivery on this last November new from AOA (Proof of purchase available) just before I was scheduled for shoulder cuff surgery. It was a huge tear on top of a surgically discovered older one I didn’t even know about. Recovery and PT went well but there is still significant weakness! While beautifully balanced, try as I may, I have a hard time wielding around such a long, weighty gun. I have an FX Bobcat nearly as heavy but I don’t have nearly the issues on walkabout with a bullpup. I’m a hunter, not a collector or much of a bench rest guy, and I just don’t see myself being able to use this in the field. I LOVE it but if I can’t truly use it, it needs to go. It’s only got a partial tin of each of the two sized JSB 44.75 and 50.15 diabolos through it and has never been in the field or the elements. Additionally, I put a deposit on an FX Impact with additional barrels and probes so this will go a long way in funding my new $pendy platform. 
    CONDITION: Note** More photos available but they exceed the allowed size of this Ad**
    Virtually new. The rifle is in perfect working condition. Everything looks and feels solid. Cocking is butter smooth. This exquisite, engineering marvel has no leaks, squeaks and, but for a hairline scuff/scratch on the Hugget shroud, it’s completely pristine and the stock is gorgeous! Extraordinarily accurate from what little I’ve shot it which is primarily plinking out my office window to 47 yards. 

    Payment via PayPal Gift or USPS Money Order only. 
    Shipping ground and insurance included. Local pickup  if you’re convenient to the Indianapolis area. 
    I will only ship to US addresses and to a buyer aged 18 or over. CONTACT:  Rock
    [email protected] Text or call 949-702-1223 before 8pm. Mornings are best and the earlier the better.  

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