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    I have a very good medium that works VERY well for gauging penetration as well as acting as a pellet trap for indoor/outdoor airgun shooting with NO metal ricochet. Pellets can penetrate several layers and expansion can be seen whether or not they fall out of it, or stay lodged in it. Pellets can be easily removed if lodged, without distortion to the pellet from removal (besides expansion of impact).

    Each layer absorbs about 4-5 FPE of energy per layer depending on the BC and shape/weight of the pellet. Each layer is also quasi-healing, so it takes multiple shots to significantly degrade in the same area, especially in deeper layers. However, a rapidly-expanding pellet like a HP or more WILL have a tendancy to knock out more media on medium layers.

    I will post pics at the end of this week for anyone interested.

    I can build similar traps/ballistic test devices for anyone from 4 FPE through 500+ FPE on request. Obviously, price will vary on the extremity of the request.

    Standard for the target medium is 8"x8" square. Mounted target area for most requests would probably be 7"x7" maximum from 25-50 FPE when assembled. Raw 8"×8" media can be sold at negotiated price per quantity ordered. Anything over 50 FPE would be 6"x6" (for retention purposes between layers when assembled in that request).

    Initial pricing:

    >/=22 FPE air rifle is $40 plus shipping

    23-40 FPE air rifle is $50 plus shipping

    41-58 FPE air rifle is $55 plus shipping

    59-80 FPE air rifle is $64 plus shipping

    81-115 FPE air rifle is $95 plus shipping

    116-190 FPE air rifle is $149 plus shipping

    191-275 FPE air rifle is $195 plus shipping

    275-450+ FPE please PM for specs and quotes.

    Maximum availibility at this time is 500 FPE due to limitations in material availability at this moment.

    This is intended for airgun use only, not intended for rimfire, centerfire, or anything outside of the "airgun, air pistol, or air rifle" sport.

    Please let me know if interested. There is a lead-time on this, approximately 7 days from order to complete manufacture. Those who are patient are the most helpful as it will give me a good idea if I need more lead-time for more material per order.

    Orders will not be processed for days right now. I am only looking for interest so I know how I meed to flux incoming material per demand.



    Mod edit: Contact seller through the PM SYSTEM.



    pictures please.




    would be interested in what this looks like and what size etc 

    so pictures please also!



    Yes, pictures please.



    Pictures, size, and weight per layer. Very interested!

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