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[SOLD] Crosman Silhouette pistol

Forums Member Classifieds [SOLD] Crosman Silhouette pistol

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    United States
    Accuracy: +2

    Excellent condition. I've tuned the gun with a enlarged TP. It will get you 22-24 good shots using JSB 8.4gr pellets at an average of 640fps. Which is 7.7ftlbs. The trigger has been cleaned stoned and adjusted to a safe 4.5oz. The trigger can be adjusted heavier if you like with no problem. The gun can be tuned with a slightly higher fps but the air tube is so small it really isn't practical. Obviously it can be tuned to a lower power level if you which. Included is the original TP along with the front brake and sight. I have added a TKO brake which is extremely effective. The gun is very quite. I will include information on a couple tunes the I use for the gun. 

    I have removed the safety but it is included and easily put back in the gun. 

    I have 2 Ultradot Matchdot red dots. These are Japan made and one of the best red dots you can use for target shooting. They ARE NOT INCLUDED NOR THE RINGS. I've left one mounted so you can see the set up. Each Ultradot if interested would be an additional $200.00. I will sell them separately if anyone is interested. They are both in excellent condition.

    $325.00 for pistol additional $200.00 for an Ultradot matchdot. Prices include shipping to conus. Paypal + 3.5%

    Both Ultradot Matchdots are SOLD….

    Jerry L

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