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    I am looking to sell my Bobcat which I got in Aug. Last year. The gun is very accurate and fun to shoot. I have put less than 300 pellets through it. The only problem I have had is from where the atlas rail was mounted and a screw pulled loose from gun, it was re-epoxied and no effect on gun function. To my best guess I would say shot count is somewhere in low-mid 30’s for topped off charge till it falls off regulator. Most I have shot was 27 before pumping up again, and never went that many again.

    The two main reasons I am selling are because this gun is a beast to pump and I don’t have a shop that can fill around or a compressor. And two I am wanting to purchase a scope for a Powder burner. Included is the Gun, fill probe and magazine, pellets 9 full and 1 partial tin of 44.75 and 2 tins of 50.15, and of course the Huggett installed by AOA.

    The gun will be double boxed and pellets will be shipped in separate box due to amount. I am asking $1600 prefer money order due to not set up on paypal (shipping UPS ground Conus included)

    If interested in the hawke eclipse 4-16 power scope I will through it in for $100. Scope is in great shape.

    Here are a few links to some pics I have taken and I will upload some more.

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