-SOLD- 2,700 Beeman .20 Cal 5mm Pellets

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    Payment Received

    EDIT ; Found another unopened tin of pellets, Silver Ace (bottom entry) Not shown in photo. Included for same price.

    These are all vintage yellow tin pellets. All cans state “Made in Germany”
    They are still sealed, and were being utilized until my last .20 cal rifle was recently sold.
    I won’t promise your airgun will like all of them, but I will promise they will prove to be 100% useful, well stored and ready to shoot.
    2 or 3 of the cans have minor dents on either a bottom corner, or top corner, but no indication of major handling blunders.
    Prefer to sell the whole lot together.

    All these pellets are very hard to find. Please do not expect to find a plentiful source to replace any of these. They should be considered soley for use as a one time foray into premium pellets from the past. 

    2,700 pellets;

    5 Tins (200 ea) #3001 Crow-Magnum 12.8 gr
    3 Tins (200 ea) #3145 Ram Jets 11.7 gr (one tin open to show condition)
    2 Tins (200 ea) #3247 Kodiak Extra Heavy 13.32 gr
    2 Tins (200 ea) # 3087 Silver Arrow 15.59 gr
    1 Tin  (300 ct) #3055 Silver Ace (late find not shown in picture… same condition as the rest)

    $90 delivered to U.S.




    Pm sent



    SPF to badammo

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