WOW! I called Crosman and got more than I expected!!

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    I bought a Marauder in Feb. and at my wifes suggestion I got the wood stock. I have been a cabinet maker for 30 years and know that a satin finish only stays satin until it is rubbed smooth through handling. Mine was no different, the finish was turning glossy and wearing thin which in turn lightened the color in those areas. So I called Crosman and asked if they could tell me if the type of finish and the tech said the stocks were made by someone else and he would try to find out. After on hold for several minutes he returned and told me he had no information as to the type of finish. I said I wish I would have gotten the synthetic and he offered to switch mine for a synthetic. I asked how much a synthetic stock would cost and the price was super reasonable and he would ship for $4. So I say I would like to order one. He asks for my serial # and comments my rifle was made in Feb. He got my name and address and when I tried to give my CC # he said he didn't need it. He was shipping me a new synthetic stock at no charge. So I called to get Information and decided to buy a synthetic stock when I found out the cost was so reasonable and ended up getting a stock at no cost. Maybe I am just lucky as I seem to always have good results with customer service but I don't think so. This is first Crosman air rifle I have owned but it won't be the last. I felt like I had to share this because so many times people forget to share the good experiences with customer service. So I am extending a great big thank you to Crosman for their fine products and service.



    I've called them a few times this year, and my experience with them has always been very helpful and pleasant. I was a little surprised that the prices of two of the wood stocks I was inquiring on jumped from $20+ to $60+ in less than two years, but I also did not find it unreasonable. Glad everything worked out for you.




    I just called Crosman for the first time to order parts. I ordered spare breech screws as those hex heads strip out after awhile, spare valve retainer screws, and back up poppet stems for both my rifle and pistol, and I expected a crazy high dollar price for these parts, and all in all it came out to like $27! 

    Needless to say, I will be calling on them more often. 

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    Couple months ago I called Crosman about one of their scopes that the parallax adjustment would only adjust down to 13 yds and not the 10 yds as advertised. Their reply was "I will get one sent over from the warehouse and have it tested to make sure it is right before replacing your scope." Well it took a couple weeks for that process and when they finished testing it they found out it also would not focus down to 10 yds. They offered to exchange my scope for "anything the had of similar value." Kinda disappointed they didn't flat out offer to refund my money but did not pursue that avenue because I wouldn't have taken it anyway. I am well pleased with my scope except for the adjustment problem. It has a near perfect reticle for my type of shooting. It would cost much more for another brand with its features. She said they would keep a record so if I ever wanted to make the exchange I could.

    Two weeks later got a package from them with a different, slightly more expensive scope in it. Very similar to what I have but with a different but very nice reticle.  It will adjust to 10 yds. The invoice just said "PAID".  Like you said "WOW". So now I got an extra scope. Maybe I'll go get another Crosman rifle for it.




    Whole  heartedly!!

    We just bought a Benjamin Mayhem 22

    About 30 rounds into ownership the screws on the rears sight loosened up

     (We are iron sights shooters)

    I called Pyramid (the seller) and learned fixing it myself would not void the warraty

    The next call went to Crosman to learn how to remove the rear sight.

    A very easy task that is made much harder when you lose the sight spring

    Call # 2 to Crosman got the part in the mail & in my hands in 4 days,

    As many of you have experienced; for $00.00

    Everyone I dealt with was knowledgeable , pleasant, and willing to take the time required.

    Life must be very special in East Bloomfield, NY

    Maybe it's the water.


    Oh, BTW, they sent an entire sight;  not just the spring

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