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Wildcat bottom pic rail

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    Does anyone have a mfg model number for putting the 5 slot pic rail on the bottom of the wildcat mk3? Magpul mlok? Magpul moe? Any other brands?

    I tried asking Utah air guns but he couldn’t give me model number.


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    These are what you need-

    the structural fasteners to mount your rail. Don’t even think about just screwing the rail onto the stock. On synthetic stocks screws will wallow out loose and the threads into the stock will be useless-

    This Atlas 3.5” rail has a curved back side that mounts up perfectly onto the curvature at the wildcats underside of the forearm. It has a QD hole for QD sling attachment-

    to do the job right you’ll need a 7/8” paddle bit along with some JB Weld to epoxy in the fastener T- nuts. Look up on how to install T- nuts for Atlas bipod rails on the net. 

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