Why are accuracy scores anonymous?

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    The reason it is anonymous is to prevent a war between members. Example: I give you a negative. You give me one for giving you one and on and on! 

    I disagree and here is why:

    1. If the feedback would NOT be anonymous, then half of it (if not more), would NOT even be left to begin with. People would think twice if they want to get into a p*ssing contest or not.

    2. Speaking of p*ssing contest… That is what I would call it, a p*ssing contest between (somewhat) grown men, and NOT a "war".

    3. I can see people leaving negative feedback once, as some sort of "payback", but I cannot see them going back and forth with this. And if they do, they will realize pretty fast that it is just childish.

    4. Speaking of childish. Leaving negative feedback anonymously, because is "afraid" of getting negative feedback back, is just childish and lame and stupid and simple minded and lame and stupid and… you know, childish.

    5. People are too worried these days about what others think of them. Others they do not even know. Everyone is trying so hard to be "nice" and "play along", instead of just being themselves. If you do not like something, say it. But say it to the person directly, and not in the form of negative feedback. Seriously, that is just stupid and lame and stupid and childish and…. OK OK, not again. : )

    6. Leaving negative feedback does actually not have to be anonymously!!! People just choose to go that route.




    Someone left me a negative post for the above post, including this comment:

    "Guess who I am… and it should be a secret to keep arguing in open forums to a minimum."

    WTF does this even mean!? Did they forget to use a comma?  Anyhow. To answer the above question: I know who you are. A NOBODY.

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