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    Well I've had this rifle since WAR first started and it is #9 out of the very first batch of 10 that were produced. Since then WAR has made lots of improvements to there line of rifles and I have added all there new products to the rifle. It has the cobra package (upgraded valve, mds hammer, and externally adjustable regulator). I've had it shooting the 50grain jsb at 950fps making 100fpe. But now I've turned it down a little bit and now it's shooting 905fps making just over 90fpe. It is one of my favorites in my collection and now I've added the new to me Hugget moderator. I ordered the adapter from war to thread the moderator on the shroud. Had some help from a member on the forum to get the Hugget moderator and now it's all together and adds a unique look to the rifle. Really like how the Hugget looks on it and it even shortened it up about 3 inches and made it a little more quit. Hope you all enjoy!!



    Beauty. That is one wicked looking rifle… Seen your Flex groupings, its a tack driver and hits like a hammer.

    Lucky you. What else can one ask for in a gun??? 

    Congrats and enjoy it!


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