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    Second hand Walther LGV killed my BSA scope in less than a week. That BSA had been a band-aid for many springers while making final optics decisions, so no grudges there.

    Had a spare Primary Arms 4-14 FFP scope hiding in the shop, begging NOT to be put on a springer… too bad.

    Can’t stand rings that are too high… why have a comb on a stock if you’re just gonna float yer noggin? Problem is the only “on-hand” rings that came close to being perfect required a sandpaper shim in each ring to keep the objective bell from touching the receiver, while still not providing enough daylight to install a flip open cover.

    So… one of my least favorite chores beckoned… hunting down optimal rings for this (or any) springer…

    • …right height
    • …right size
    • …one piece or two?
    • … reasonably good looking
    • … good grip … no VICE like grip… with ample ring screws and preferably dual dovetail screws !!!

    There are hordes of junk rings, and a few decent ones, but unless I was willing to splurge it was very rare a “cheap” ring piqued my interest…until today… when I ran across a set of rings that may very well be a nearly optimal for dovetailed springer receivers, at a bargain basement price.

    The things I LOVE about these rings are;

    • Not “clunky” looking.
    • Can be used for 1″ scopes in a pinch with inserts (extrusion is for 30mm)
    • Six screws per ring for good grip without excessive torque
    • Dual dovetail screws on each base for improved load distribution and stability
    • Optimal height for current application (if the “Chinglish” print is accurate)
    • Direct application for 11mm dovetail

    Shown here with 1″ inserts; (30mm opening when removed)
    Will post review when they arrive. (ordered two sets)




    Rings arrived!
    They’re great. Contrary to my assumption they DO have a threaded hole and screw in the center for anti-recoil adaptation. However the provided grub screws have a pointed tip, which likely would need to be modified or discarded in favor of a custom screw to match your receiver.
    Will add details as soon as they’re mounted on the Walther LGV.

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