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    Finally had a sunny day to try out a sample pack of Nielsen slugs. The .30 cal Urugan is expectorating 44 grain pellets at an aprox 930 fps and holding them together in pretty little cloverleafs at various distances.

    Tried the 1st four sample weights on a high humidity, 5-10 mph wind day. Started at 45 yards, sitting on a Big 5 tripod stool and using a Primos tripod shooting stick. The ground was still very soft, causing stool to suddenly sink unevenly. I mention the grounds uncertainty as a possible contribution to possible vagaries with shooting results. The greenness and sun in our NorCal valley was stunning, belying the slight crispness of the winters air.

    First up, using 44 grain pellets to check zero. Had to adjust the cross hairs a little, but this group shows what the U-gan typically delivers for me. Distance is 45 yards for all until I move to 80 later in this thread.

    Next up is the closest slug by weight, to the pellets, @ 43.8 grains

    Very promising, but still have more to learn. Went up one more factor, to 49.5-  wow.- 4 shots. like all of the others.

    OK, going up two sizes, to 54.5. By mistake I had overlooked the 47.2 grain- but I do try them later.

    54.5 grain, Ok, but not as good as some. Still at 45 yards.

    OK, tine to stretch them out a little.

    82 yards, same conditions.

    Going with the 49.5's- very nice- 82 yards, 3 shots. Remember winds at 5-10 mph and shifting.

    Finally trying the 47.2, at 82 yards x 4 shots

    Not my favorite. When I see two separate groups, its like the ammo wants to perform, but something is influencing consistency:

    Ok, saw a couple of squirrels when I was entering the field. Thought I should see if I can find a volunteer to check the efficacy of the slugs. Went with the 49.5's of course,

    Got to within 45 lasered yards and had a head and shoulder to practice on. Fortunately, it was the size of a beaver, giving me an opportunity to really test the slug. Typically, a head shot when half the squirrel is poking out from a hole results in the mammal slipping back into his tomb, making them irretrievable. When possible, I try to put a hit into their heart and lungs to fully shock their electrical system.

    This slug slipped into his left shoulder with the loudest POPPP I've heard outside of a .17 hmr. The lad jumped out of his hole, twitching and rolling. Decided to anchor him with a full length body shot so I would have an opportunity to see the ballistic effect of the slug.

    That second shot hitting his abdomen also Popped across the prairie and the involuntary system shut down in my volunteer meat medium.

    The exterior wounds belied the effectiveness of the slug(s) – there weren't gaping holes either in the entry or exit, but going  by sound and the fact that it didn't make it back to the hole suggests the internal organ upset was quite effective.

    Comparing this kill against ones made with 44 grain pellets added confidence to my understanding of the slugs properties, Ordering a bevy more for Chrony work next week.

    Entrance hole echoed the exit in appearance:


    Here is my size 9 combat boots as a comparison to the size of my target. You can see that the animal is wider than my boot- when fully stretched out, the body was longer as well.


    I believe slugs are worth the investment- I've range time schedule a week from Sunday and will get the velocities…

    Here is a summary of today's shooting in one image.

    Made a couple of new friends on the way out!


    Finally, here are some pictures with group sizes .



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    Looks like pretty good grouping out of the 49.5. 



    Very nice !  +1 for your efforts!  Keep us informed please of your findings.



    That looked fun to do! Thanks for the info… 

    I was slinging 60gr NSAs today out of my Uragan .30, and the groups at 50 yrds were very tight. I dunno bout yours, but mine likes heavier lead best. Anything less than 50gr shoots pretty lousy. mtnGhost has also found real good results with the heavy NSAs. 

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