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    Even though there are a few threads already in this forum that I could tie into I thought I'd start my own and treat it as kind of a personal blog over a period of months. 

    The 22 rimfire match I go to at Gunsite training center in Paulden AZ has long range COF's out to 208Y so it's a problem for me to use the AG, #1 because that's a long way off for a pellet gun, and #2 the MD won't allow 2 guns to be used. If my FX Impact shot better at the longer distances I might have considered using it for the match but it doesn't. This match does have the monthly NRL22 course during the match and that can be scored separately. 

    That being said I opted to shoot my Anschutz 1827F rimfire in the match. I got 2nd place and my good friend won. We shot the COF order backwards. I had him 3/4 through the match but he got me on the 100Y weak hand paper stage – (jive Turkey), and killed me on the ladder stage – (barricade #1), lol. The guy is too good! He got 10/10 on the 75Y ladder stage! I guess I better start practicing. We had 8 COF's and one of the stages not in the NRL22 course was a 60 yard KYL rack. Go through all 8 spinners largest to smallest and engage the last two small ones again, those being 1/2" and 1/4" so 10 shots total. Well my moment of Glory was cleaning it, a nice one to win and man was I excited! 

    Onto the AG, I had a choice to bring the AAA EVOL in 30 cal or my FX Impact in 25 cal. I chose the Impact simply because the EVOL only holds 8 rounds. For those not familiar, all the COF's are 10 rounds so an 8 round mag puts you at a slight disadvantage because a reload is needed. I might have shot the Impact during the whole COF if the targets stopped at 175 yards but there was one at 208 yards so I used the rimfire.

    So after the match I shot the barricade #2 stage at 25Y with the Impact. Ha, I cleaned it. I had missed two shots with my rimfire on the same stage during the match. 

    I also shot at the 75 yard 2.5" steel off the bucket to see how the pellet rifle did in the wind. I missed once in 10 shots using .7 mils of windage so that steel in 3-4 MPH wind is plenty doable. Two other shooters tried the Impact on the same target and were highly impressed with the capability of a PCP air rifle! BTW the rimfire required .3 mils of windage.

    Edit, Oh and I hit 6/10 on the KYL stage with the Impact. The paint was all shot off the steel so I couldn't see where I was hitting on the larger steel, consequently I didn't know where exactly to aim for the 1/2" and the 1/4" steel.

    So far my conclusion is that if the wind is down a higher powered PCP air rifle can be mostly competitive with the rimfires in a regular NRL22 COF which remain within 100 yards. One might need some luck to win against the rimfires but winning with a AG would be possible. Of course this depends on many factors, one huge obstacle being the level of competition present, and another would be how windy it is on that day.


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