Thinking of buying a Bostitch oilless compressor to supply air to a ShoeBox

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    I posted this in case anyone is considering buying a Bostitch 6 gal 150psi compressor to supply air to a ShoeBox.

    I bought this early Dec of 2018 to replace an older Craftsman 3 gal 100psi compressor that I initially bought to keep my car tires aired and to blow out my desktop computer. The old compressor had problems with car tires and barely made it thru one desktop blow out.

    I can say the Bostitch fills those old needs nicely but I found that when using it as an air source for the ShoeBox — it fails miserably. With the regulator set at 90-95psi and a 'duty cycle' of about 1 minute to fill the tank from 120-150psi and a little over 4 minutes to reach the starting point where the motor starts again, after about 1.5 to 1.75 hours it starts a fast 'duty cycle' (fast cycle) barely reaching 122psi before starting over. I found turning it off and on, the regular 'duty cycle' ran for several cycles but started the fast cycle again shortly afterwards.

    The following day I took it to a warranty shop near by and after 1.5 weeks called for a status and they said they found nothing wrong. I picked it up and later the same day started the operation again to finish topping off my tank but once again it started that fast cycle routine at about the same time frame. Back to the warranty shop I went  and after a rather long but cordial conversation, I was told they couldn't help. It was designed for "light" work and not extended running times. They then gave me the customer support number and said they would do what the customer support folks said.

    I called customer support today and they listened to my story then after inquiring with others familiar with this compressor — said basically the same thing. It was not designed for longer run times. They were willing to give me a phone number of the main compressor technical support but if they agreed to look at it, I would need to ship it to them. I didn't keep the box and it is heavy so thats not an option for me. I would guess the shipping charges would be about 1/3 the value one way.

    Bottom line — I'm on my own. I did see what the motor looks like while at the warranty shop and the fan that cools the motor is directly connected to the motor itself. Any heat created while running that is still there once the motor shuts off has to disipate on it's own.

    I don't want to let it run without my being within ear shot as it is (basiclly baby sitting) but I might try forcing air thru the intake area to see if that helps since the fan don't run without the motor. If that don't help I may look at other options or simply sell this to someone local needing air for short running times (ie: trim work).

    I will post this on several forums.



    In the late 90's I was helping a friend doing cedar shakes, we were shooting two finish air nail guns running off a 15 amp generator in the middle of a farm field. The compressor ran all day for weeks. It was a porter cable 6 gallon. Fully expecting it to die with the 40 plus square that was installed I bought a second as a back up. It's still going strong today.



    I have a Jun Air oil free quiet compressor for paint jobs and I once had the idea of using it to drive the ShoeBox but finally gave up because the ShoeBox has some requirement on the pressure and flow rate of the first stage compressor. My Jun Air just doesn't meet the flow rate requirements. From your description, it seems that your compressor does not have enough flow rate as well.  The compressor going "fast cycle" suggests that it cannot keep up with the rate of air drawn by the ShoeBox. The Freedom 10 requires a first-stage compressor that can deliver compressed air ( 90 psi ) at 3 cubic feet per min. but it seems that your Bostitch can only do 2.6 as indicated in the official site : 

    My compressor, it can do 2.12 cubic feet per min : 

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