The Quest to 90% Bore Porting.

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    Update to my valve. Jb weld version cracked so I removed the valve seat, and replaced it with new adhesive that I have proven to work well (e6000). I also bushed the valve stem bore down to .99"~ for a .96" valve stem opposed to a .125" which reduces the valves closing force slightly, making it quite easier to open. I have to reduce hammer weight or do further testing because now the 7.7 lb spring on MINIMUM preload is hitting my plateau…as can be seen below @ 898 fps with 33.95 gr making just shy of 61 FPE. Impressive ay? I don't even know what spring rating would open it with the same hammer weight but my current weight is 47.5 gr and I can reduce it to either 44, 40, 35, or 30. I will test various and report back. The 61 fpe was done @ 8 lbs total spring/cocking force! 


    I am uncertain if the reduced stem will work out to be the best idea, it was just a fun experiment that I will need to further test!




    I also modified my rear adapter that allows quick ssg/hammer spring change outs that take only 30 seconds to do, really simple 3.5 threaded plug that retains all factory function. Woo!



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