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    The New Airmax 30 FFP Riflescopes are the Most Advanced Air Rifle Scopes To Date

    Hawke® Optics, the world leader in optics for modern, high-powered air rifles and other quality sporting optics that perform in the field at an amazing value to consumers, takes air guns to new levels of accuracy and performance with the new Airmax 30 FFP SF IR scopes. These 30mm main tube scopes have first focal plane accuracy and adaptable side focus. If you’re serious about your shooting, you need to take things to the max.

    Air rifles have taken a major leap in speed, accuracy and performance in recent years. Hawke has kept up with the Airmax series of cutting-edge air rifle scopes. The new Airmax 30 FFP scopes are for the shooter looking to dial in accuracy at any range. Air rifles are brutal to lesser scopes, but Hawke’s Airmax scopes are built to handle the toughest recoil effects. No matter how powerful the air rifle is, the Airmax 30 FFP, a true first focal plane scope, can take it and keep you on target.

    The Airmax 30 FFP Scopes are built on a one-piece aluminum 30mm chassis. They have Side Focus parallax adjustment that can focus down to 10 yards, and have additional Side Focus wheels supplied in the box. Adjustable illuminated reticles allow for maximum visibility in any lighting condition.

    The FFP AMX IR reticle was developed specifically for first focal plane optical system and the reticle is based on a mil-dot reticle, but calibrated specifically for air rifles. The FFP AMX IR offers multiple aim points, letting shooters stretch the limits of air rifle range. The reticle has Half-Mil Dot spacing on the lower post that gives you additional aiming points as the range opens up. The horizontal bars are positioned at 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 Mil spacing. Hollow posts are segmented into Mil spacing and can be used for bracketing. The mil spaced reticle and 1⁄10 MRAD turrets make for easy point of aim adjustment with resettable target turrets for easy return to zero. Being true FFP, the spacing is true at all magnification levels.

    There are two models of Airmax 30 FFP scopes – The Airmax 30 FFP SF IR 4-16×50, and the Airmax 30 FFP SF IR 6-24-50. Both scopes include a 4-inch sunshade, metal flip-up lens covers, and a 4-inch side wheel for dialing in your shot. Are you ready to take your air rifle accuracy to the next level? It’s time to take it to the max.

    About Hawke

    #VISIONACCOMPLISHED. Hawke is a worldwide market leader at the forefront of optical performance with class-leading innovation and design offering a complete line of sport optics from rifle, crossbow, shotgun and air gun scopes to binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories. Accuracy, strength and precision; Hawke optics blend iconic design, exceptional engineering and unrivalled craftsmanship to create an unforgettable viewing experience. As awareness of Hawke Sport Optics continues to grow, more customers are trusting Hawke as the unquestioned industry leader in optics.  Learn more at

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    Very interesting! I'll be looking these up.



    terrible eye relief on the compact model 

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