THAGC Euro Style April Match @ TCRC on 4/6/19

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    Gentlemen, we're going to do something a little bit different for the April match since the WFTF-USA rally was cancelled. We will be shooting a 30 Lane European style match. All classes / power levels(up to 20 fpe) are welcome to join in the festivities. You will shoot per your class rules(WFTF, Open, Hunter)The match will be as follows:

    It will be a 30 lane course, two targets per lane, one shot per target in numerical order, for a 60 shot match. We will be using timers. You will have 3 minutes per lane to take your two shots. There will only be three KZ sizes used, 1/2", 1", & 1 1/2". Target distances will be set to legal WFTF distances. Here's where it's going to get fun. The match will be held on both the Blue Course (woods) & the White Course ( gas line ). There will be 15 lanes on each course.

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