Testing the Mexican Cabañas P8 pellet pistol .

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    In the world of airguns pistols circa springers, pumpers, CO2 , Pcp, there is another kind, the “munisalva” This replica pistol  look a like of the famous german luger p08 , with almost the same size, feel,weigh, and handle like the original. It’s the first impression you recieved fron this pistol. Although is not an air pistol, it shoots 4.5mm  (.177 cal) pellets with .22 blank cartridge, with a lot of power, the rating fps of this pistol is above 1000 !
    For testing I fired 5 shots group at 15 yards and the hits measures 2,00 inch c-t-c  with a 8.2 grain pellet. The chrony readings was

    shot 1  1073  fps
    shot  2 1020
    shot  3  1048
    shot  4 1014
    shot  5 1015

    ave 1032 fps with 18.77 FPE

    The finished blued is good, the gun is metal with cherry wood grips, it feels nice at your hand, very confortable, it has a manual extractor that pulls away the cartridge out, the trigger pull is very light, almost a pound of force, to cock this pistol, you just pull back the slide all the way back position, put the pellet first, then the blank cartridge, move the slide to his original position and you’re ready to fire. The pistol has a safety button on  a side of the trigger guard. but It is very noisy when you fired, 
    Too bad this pistol is considered as a firearm in the US, thats why you don’t find it anywhere,  but in Mexico,  where is made, it´s not. It´s sell for a range of 80-100 dlls depending the model, and you can purshased in every hardrware store (where available), and sporting goods store without police permission.

    Also the Mendoza company has his owns guns, with the same principle, the “munisalva” is well known this kind of pistols.

    The “colt” type price tag is 45 dlls, and the “derringer” price is 35 dlls, they work the same way, but this kind, is single action, you’ve to pull back the hammer to cock this pistols, the quality isn’t exactly spectacular, with plastic grips instead of wood, reveals a mediocre finish, but it compasated his price. The 50/50 case of blank cartridges and sealed pellets are  6 dlls, and you find it in every sporting goods store.

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    Interesting post, thanks for the effort. Those look like like fun, but not backyard quiet! There were some toy pistols made to fire BBs with a cap in the US, but they are very rare now and not made any more. I’ve owned a couple Mendoza air rifles, they had good triggers and were built very solid.

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