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Testing different HP slugs of my own design for both lower powered pcp's and hp

Forums Pellets, Projectiles, Slugs, & Ammo Testing different HP slugs of my own design for both lower powered pcp's and hp

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    New hp modded for the Raptor.Woha!


    • This is an extension of the testing I have been doing for pcp pistols. worked so well, I decided to try it in a Hot .22 slug shooter.  the FX Superior Heavy barreled Raptor.

    35 grs, Modded HP of my own hand cast. I was looking for a fragmenting slug that would dump all of it's energy or most of it into vermin without continuing on to the next county.  That, and I want them anchored fast. DRT so to speak. 

    50 yards, 930+ fps, (Listed over 1000 on another thread, but checked it and nada, just 930's). LOL Over 1000 would be even more impressive, but would cause me shot count Not worth it for me.

    Here are the results.

     I was able to test the Raptor modded cc1 as well I gave it the same treatment. It is going to be a very effective varmint round, however, it would ruin far too much meat for a hunting round so treated.
    I again shot a 1 gal. water jug, this time at 50 yards and it just simply blew up. Both the jug and the slug. LOL! Still deadly accurate!  And to think this is with 2% tin. Not pure lead. Woo-Hoo!!!
    As you can see, the bullet acts much like a typical varming PB slug with the treatment. I think Scott got it right, The "Shredder". Can't use predator as it is already taken. 'Would have been nice Jason!
    Seems with such an explosive slug, down range worries will be lessened. A Good Thing.  Seems that only the gas check base and lower driving band are still intact. Original weight was 35 grs. Base is  now 17.2 grs. So 50% weight loss, an what remains is not going far as the bc is destroyed.

    Come on spring. Mikie needs  some critters to test on. ;D


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     This pic is to show that they co go sleep quickly and give good groups at short ranges as well.

    Here's the skinny.

    1. Using a very thin, sharp box cutter or even thinner window decal scraper blade, press down to the very bottom of the cavity. A large, deep HP helps here a "Lot".

    This will give a very wide nose. Much wider than cal.

    2.  Using a finely finished cone, near the shape of the original slug, press it in and tap it lightly to close the vanes. This gives a good, original shaped nose for good BC and keep accuracy the same as before the mod. Especially the poi.

    3. Now size as you normally would. Finished!

    For a very large expansion in hp long guns, rather than the blade, or phillips head, I use a # T-15 Torque bit with the nose perfectly flattened on a fine diamond hone. This gives very fine serrations in the hp and causes it to open in a multi petal HP. Very reliable and repeatable. Once again, I place the bit in the mill, or drill press with the depth stop set for a given hp depth.

    I am making a ram with blade to fit my mill so that each cut will be precision in both depth and location. WOO-HOO!

    Sadly, the card in my Sony, just went down. I can't get the old pic's out and it is full. Double GRRR!!!
    I'm almost to the point of using a strong magnet to erase the darned thing if that is even possible. Update, got the card fixed! Woo-Hoo!!!




    Accuracy? Can't be done? Maybe in theory no. In practice, it works just fine thank you! LOL First one to settle the reg, (Lower one) and 10 on target, 80 yards in the cross wind. Seems to work for me!😉

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    I did try one on a trash bird inthe pistol version at 470-490 fps and darned near tore it in half. Woha! There was quite an explosion. 

    Here are a few pics of the pistol round to help get great expansion at such low fps. 

    This is a slug sized to .2164 for the PP-700 and expanded to .454 in a 1 Gallon water jug a t 20 yards.  HP's can indeed expand very well and consistently at low fps if designed or the purpose. 😉






    Pretty wicked expansion on both of the slugs.  It should be fun.  I tried a #10 Torx, on the NSA .25 36.2 slugs, in my smallish drill press and tried to set the depth but the depth gauge is a plastic affair so don't know how well it really did.  It just barely cuts the surface inside the hollow point cavity but does nothing to the tip of the slug.  I will get out and do some testing soon. Will have to try some .22s I did with a jewelers Philips screwdriver as well.

    Always more to do with the addiction and all.  Thanks for the idea it will make the isolation a bit easier.



    On a NSA .22 cal in 24.8 weight … just tested the "0" size jewelers phillips X trick. Shot at 20 yards at @ 960 fps into a water jug a stock slug passed right threw 😛  as for the modified X-HP slug it opened up to .460" !! being over double the caliber diameter.




    Very impressive expansion, Mike. I am just now getting into slugs do to less than stellar performance from OTC pellets. I have all 7 NSA slugs on their way to try out so the cut and reform method appeals to me the most at this point. 

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