Temecula Air gun 25 meter match June 27th 2020

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    Cool this morning and breezy.   5 shooters in  two matches starting at 9:30 and finishing at 11:30.  

    Several guys had to resort to the rarely used excuse file and were able to bat away epithets hurled in response.  I myself claimed a pos gun after the first card and was allowed to switch for the next two cards.  Jim was shooting a new non chocked poly barrel and did not have to fish for any help.   LD quietly begged for some slack on a shot gone bad blaming a fly ran into his trigger and fired the gun. (His Marauder had a less then hair trigger). Mike was shooting a little .20 Ed gun and did not dip into the excuse bin on this first set. Roger just sat back and chuckled at the new excuses he heard. 


    The second set was a real tough go.   Lots of wind and switching so fast that everyone had shots moving into the black.  Wind flags say shoot left and as the trigger is pulled you should have been to the right.  The little thin flyers tied the flags could not keep up with the movement of the flags.   You could be tricked time and again.


    The truth lies below ….  There is always next time.


    LD        248 7X             243 3X             236 2X             727 12X

    Roger  248 9X             249 10X           248 8X             745 27X

    Nick     192 1X             237 4X             247 13X           676 18X

    Mike    234 1X             239 2X             245 6X             718 14X

    Jim       247 9X             248 9X             245 4X             740 18X


    LD        234 5X                                     232 4X             N A

    Roger  235 5X             225 2X             239 3X             699 15X

    Nick     226 3X             225 4X             226 4X             677 11X

    Mike    230 3X             233 2X             236 5X             699 11X

    Jim       237 6X             238 5X             237 2X             712 16X


    Excuses used were #13, #57, #29, #102 and  #69 they cannot be reused.



    That second relay the winds were CRAZY!!!  Little cyclones coming through the canyon. 360 degree wind changes every 10 seconds or less.  It made sighters practically useless.  And the most amazing part was Jim's score with an LV 12 FPE gun!!!  Damn Jim, nice shooting!!!  My little .20 EDgun Lelya gen1 did better than I thought it would, shooting HV, just under 20 FPE.  It only gets about 30 shots per fill, so I was limited in how many sighters I could shoot (not that it did any good…).  Thanks for the report Nick!



    Thanks Mike and Nick.

    those were among the worst winds (best if you like a challenge) we have shot in for a while. Felt good to be back on the bench.  and that little LV gun is a shooter.

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