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    I just got my used new to me Omega 75.  When I took it down to the paint ball gun shop to get it filled they didn’t have a fitting for the DIN valve.  So went to work on my problem,  Seeing how the suba shop here in Salt Lake City think there air is gold, charging $20 and needing you bottle 24 hours to fill.  I found two solutions 1st: there is a din to int adaptator on eBay $11. I found it at the suba shop for $16.  Well that may work for some, but not at my paint ball gun shop.  There suba fill int adaptator won’t fit over the Omega valve.  Now the valve is to wide.  2nd: I went to Parker hose and got a male to male fittings, $6.  To use on the end of the fill hose from tank to the gun. Pow the tank is full, only $4.  I hope this will help somebody.  I’m going to keep both with me in the event I’m on the road and need a fill at strange shop. Monte



    Wow consider yourself lucky, they need the tank for 24 hours to fill it, I was lucky to get mine back in 2 weeks!  The local dive shop is run by a bunch of flakes and are terrible for filling tanks, result, I bought my own compressor so I no longer have to wait 2 or even 3 weeks to get my air back. Man I would have been happy to get mine back in 24 hours, I guess having to wait is one of the perks of living in CA, and yeh I am being sarcastic, lol. Glad you fixed the fittings problem, I know fittings can be a headache with scuba tanks and air guns, all the best, Neil.


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