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    We will hold the match at the USI Action Pistol Range, where it is normally held, this Sunday at 9:00 AM. Those with extra energy and a devious mind are invited to assist in setting up the course, around 8:15 am.

    What’s special about this match? We’ve increased the number of targets, number of forced positions and distances.
    We’ll be introducing an optional event- “Predict your Score”. Shooters who want to participate forecast their score before the match. The shooter who lands closest to “his/her/undeclared” score at the end of the match wins a prize. Shoot off for a tie.

    Weather is predicted to be sunny with highs around 63 degrees and 8 mph winds. There will be bottled water supplied.   Rifles are strictly limited to 20 fpe..
    .177/.20/.22 caliber with lead pellets only.

    We have PCP (Open) and Spring divisions, WFTF, Hunter and Pistol.
    Hunter classes may use buckets and sticks- scope power is limited to 16X or scopes dialed back to 16X for higher power scopes
    We shoot in squads of two and three.
    Eye protection is required for both shooters and spectators. Cost for club members is $10.00 and guests are $15.00.Juniors under 18 with a member are free
    .I have a loaner PCP if someone wants to come out and give FT a try. Let me know via email ahead of time.
    Ladies and juniors are encouraged to attend to experience what the excitement is all about.
    There will be free air tank refills after the match for Diablo club members tanks with a current hydro
    All shooters must sign the 1 time USI liability waiver form located on line here prior to shooting a match at USI:http://unitedsportsmen.com/ waiver/
    It is free, signed online and is a one time procedure.
    After signing the waiver, all shooters are required to obtain a USI “Blue Card” available for free at the club house.You must have your Blue card with you. Get one at the club house before the match. USI is now charging a $5.00 replacement fee. I suggest you take a picture of it and store it in your mobile device. We will be checking for Blue Cards- again, no charge, but it must be in your possession.
    All FT and Air Gun Silhouette events are listed on the Diablo Rod and Gun Club calendar here:https://diablorodandgun.com/ calendar/
    Directions here:https://diablorodandgun.com/ directions-and-facilities/
    Hope to see you there on Sunday!If you have any questions or need additional information contact:Martin
    [email][email protected][/email]



    Windy, cold, sun and clouds, we had it all. Played a game where you had to guess your score, closest shooter to their guess gets a bottle of French bubbly. Lots of off hand and winds played havoc all day.
    How can wind change 180 degrees in less than 55 yards?
    Two shooters tied, and we had a shoot out at high noon. Jim M. eked out a win, but the round was well played by both shooters.
    Thanks to everyone who literally put their backs into setting up and tearing down the course.
    Congrats to Cameron who smote me by 1, the loneliest number!
    60 possible, multiple forced positions
    Dana W.  47
    Richard C. 26

    Mike C. 46
    John B. 44
    Mike E. 27
    Jim C. 48
    Jack C. 45
    Robb R. 40
    Jim M    36
    Martin O’ 47
    Robert S. 24

    Son L. 45
    Lanvi l. 33
    Dave C. 50
    Gabe L. 46
    Scott S. 38
    Riz M.  51

    WFTF Piston
    Jim P  35
    Cam K 48
    Lonnie 41
    Bob K. 38

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