Slug accuracy. Adding barrel ports.

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    I’m still noob when it comes to airguns and figured if it had a shot to work it would of been tested all ready…..but what the hell, I’ll ask anyway. 

    I’m trying to get better accuracy from my slugs and was thinking of adding barrel ports to reduce some of the blow by that people said can affect slugs since the are only spin stabilized. 

    People are still trying to figure out the little quirks of shoot slugs it seems, so is there any merit to this idea.



    If your gun has a barrel that will shoot slugs and you tune it correctly it will likely shoot them sub-MOA.  Porting barrels is for recoil reduction on powder burners.  The blow-by you speak of likely happens when you give the projectile to much air for the length of the barrel. This can destabilize the pellet or slug as it comes out of the barrel causing instability and inaccuracy.

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