Side focus?

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    I still like my Leupold 6.5-20efr also.  I have had a few side focus scopes and don't like the big wheels.  I have 3 rifles set up now for field target with the SWFA SS 20x with rear focus.  



    For me, it seems yardage wise the front focus is more accurate. Side focus scope numbers are always a bit off from the ranged yardage. Having said that, if you are really savvy at range estimation without the use of a range finder, I find the front focus faster than using the side focus. 

    I always orient my scope cap to pop up at 12:00, directly above the top of the scope, for my most used range of 40 yards. That means the scope caps hinge is at 12:00. I know from the orientation of the scope cap a twist left to 11:00 on the caps hinge puts the scope parallax adjustment at 50 yards and a twist to the right to 1:00 is really close to 30 yards.


    Side focus dialing I must be looking thru the scope to use clarity to get me my desired range(if I already know the range without the use of a rangefinder). I do not rely on the numbers to dial for range. 


    Spend a few hours at the local high school football field, and you’ll get range savvy yourself.

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