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    THANK TO AOA and  JOE W RHEA (cyclops) for getting me on the right track. Have watched most of Joe's video's. The one on parallax which got me thinking. Have a new mount for my new UTG scope to mount on my Diana coming this week.

    Believe I have gun shooting again. Two things I have changed. I tried another tin of pellets ( they are very tight putting them in) the groups tightened up, but still had some not hitting well. Put my gun in my gun stand and started checking the parallax. The scope was good up the 30 yds, but when I look at my 40 yd. target, with the scope set at 40yds. the cross hair move all over the place when I move my head. Started moving the yardage up until the cross hairs quit moving when I moved my head around the scope. It was over 50yds when the cross hairs quit moving.  At 40 yds. now the POI is consistent, but between 85deg and 113deg the pellets drop about 1.5 ins  I can live with that.





    Joe is great.  I love his vids and he is usually spot on.  I just got one of those twod 6-24×50 $34 scopes.  Yea cheap as hell but he was right on with what it does.  Only thing he forgot to do was mount it on a rifle.  Scope has some serious length (i honestly dont.know.what I was expecting with that kind of magnification)  after my workout this am it is getting sighted in.

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