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TIP: Safe uncocking of (low power) brake barrel

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    Not known to a lot of people, but low powered brake barrel springers (like the HW30S) can be decocked easily. When it’s cocked, just break the barrel again, keep your hand firmly on the barrel, disengage the safety (if applicable) and gently pull the trigger while guiding the barrel back into it’s locking position. Don’t try this with medium to high powered brake barrels, unless you’re a powerlifter or something. 😉

    If your safety isn’t resettable, like with most Weihrauch rifles, you can also (in almost all cases) brake the barrel to reset the safety. 

    Safe shooting!  


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    True indeed.

    This is actually pretty easy to do with an R9 or even an R1. Just keep a firm grip on the barrel.


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