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RMAC 2021 Day 3 (PRS + Big Bore)

Forums General Discussion RMAC 2021 Day 3 (PRS + Big Bore)

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    United States
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    The first 1/2 of the day the shooters ran through multiple stages of a Precision Rifle Series course.  

    Ted Bier getting dirty

    Jim Smith Range Master

    Keith and his wife


    Stephen K&L

    John Bagakus – Wolfpack

    Dylan – Airgunmafia 

    David Stevenson – UA

    Derrick Wall – Team Centercut

    Jeff Cloud


    Ryan Jacobson – UA

    Ernest's workshop


    Tod Hatfield – UA

    Val Simmons – Sabre Tactical

    Jon Tueller – FX

    Keith Gibson – FX

    Ken Hicks – SPAW


    Congratulations to everyone that qualified for the 100y finals!!!


    And here's some BIG bore pics (video to follow next week)

    Chris Turek – FX

    Cameron – Airforce

    Chris Brauda – SPAW

    Chad Simon – Lethal Air

    David Stevenson – UA

    Jared Clark – AoA

    Cedric Sophus Tofazfou

    Cecil – Hatsan

    Jeff Cloud

    Jeff Crisler

    Eiden Hanson – Umarex

    Abby Casey – Airforce

    Tune in tomorrow for final results!


    United States
    Accuracy: +16

    Great job, very nice!

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