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    Has it ever occurred to you heathens that the bible very clearly states when God created "Man"…He later determined Man needed a "Woman" because Adam was lonely.

    To accomplish this feat, God did not use any essential organs, brains, or other prime cuts of meat, from Adam's body…He used rib meat!  Not just any ribs, but rib's that Adam could spare! 

    Think about this for a minute, early on…remember that whole "apple and snake" scandal that took place?  Did God later create "Dogs" to offset Woman's latent talent to make Man miserable? 

    This mystery begs the following questions:

    1) I've read where all dogs go to heaven.  Has anyone ever seen this in print about women! 

    2) Does God own a dog?

    3) Isn't it peculiar that "God" spelled backwards is "Dog"?

    4) Why is there no mention in any bible of a "Mrs. God"?

    5) Is this possibly where the term "Spare Ribs" originated?


    Now, I'm no theologian, nor am I an expert on the bible, or other sacred texts!  But I have been married to the same woman for 52 years, so I know for a fact "Hell" does exist!

    I'm getting along in years now, and for me the "hereafter" is close becoming the "here and now"!  So I need some answers…and lately I've been paying a whole lot more attention to my dog than my wife!  I'm thinking that little sucker has an "IN" that might score me some points on that big scoreboard in the sky!



    Kindly 'Ol Uncle Hoot 

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    It's no wonder they call you Uncle Hoot !



    Enjoyed your post.  Wife and I both had a good laugh

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