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    I see RAW and Air Arms including accesory rails in some of their rifles and i’m wondering why Fx can’t/ don’t want to do it as well. I would love to see accesory rails in Fx rifles (like Royale or Crown), simply the fact of think about install a sling stud in a wrong place and find that maybe that wasn’t the spot you really wanted really piss me off. The accesory rails allows you to change between sling studs, picatinny rails or even hamsters in a matter of minutes without taking the risk of damaging a nice laminate stock, or even find the perfect spot to each of them. And then, with time to time if you don’t need them anymore you can take them out without problems in a matter of minutes as well. I don’t think that feature can increase significantly the overall price and it worth it 100%, if you can find an explanation why not include it let me know because i can’t; i’m sure i’m not the only one that would be grateful and more than pleased, Cheers

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