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Recognize this unbranded PCP compressor sold under a brand name? Reliability?

Forums Air Tanks, Pumps, Compressors, & Filters Recognize this unbranded PCP compressor sold under a brand name? Reliability?

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    Holy Moses!  this s***t is no joke. I'm sorry that this had happened to you dholder, thanks for sharing. This looks like the exact same generic hose that came with my Spritech orange compressor. Funny thing is, I actually started a thread here a couple of weeks ago asking for an extra long hose recommendation as I just did not trust this one. Now I'm definitely placing an order for the "No Kink Flexible Hose – 5000psi" for $60 from AOA. As others here already mentioned, sometimes the extra buck is worth the piece of mind. Be well.


    Thanks fellas! I'm a helicopter mechanic and have worked with high psi fluids and gasses all my life. I should have known better. I will be very skeptical of any hose now, and will not use brass QDs. Also, the aluminum filters are suspect to me now. In the future I may add some type of clamp or safety wire to them. Another thing, I will not pump between my legs from now on!  I will buy a compressor so I can stand off while filling. Be careful guys!



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    Wow….. that looks like it hurt! glad you weren't hurt worse!

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