R5-30 caliber is out of gun safe and now shoots ammo with out zeroing with T-3

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    Hi I been shooting alot of .22 low power tunes and now with fall settling in , it is time to make sure the EdGun R5=30 Caliber is road ready to do battle with the Coyotes ,

    I decided to put my New PM-2 5×45 on it with my Tremor 3 FFP .

    I first shot some pellets I chronoed them at like 295MPS , by 3rd shot I was hitting a 1 mil steel target at 125 M  , It is AMAZING , with my Edguns  how I can swap scopes between my guns and , all very close to dead nuts  with turret adjustments , shows the guns built straight .

    It started pouring rain  so I have to shoot more later today or during week when it stops  , I also got a few new slugs to test out I am casting for this year ,  , As most know My last years favorite on my R-5 was my 52 Grain  Accurate slug ,

    Hey I wanted to tell you about this scope and how precise this tremor 3 is for using it , I love it and it is like deadly as far as my guns shoot , I am getting a Ton of holdover like 27 Mils and another 27 dialing , this is incredible on such a hi power scope , I always said they are nt for me as I like open reticle for dialing but , I now would say it is very good and , it makes wind calls and followups very fast and deadly .

    SO I had set my zero at 125m with jsb 44 gr going about  295mps , then I put in one of my 52 grain slugs and shot it , It hit 1 mil low and 4 wind dots to left from my steel target , I then shot another , Identical place , I decided to go for this dot as my zero for this slug and hit my 125M steel plate 5 of 5 times holding 1 mil hi and 4 mils left , then I put in a jsb and it hit steel with crosshair 3 of 3 , , Damn I cant ask for better , It is now pouring and I am shooting from inside house at my 125m target I ut in a 61 gr  slug it hit 4 mils low and 2 to left , I then said I got to see if I can hit my steel target with 3 different slug and pellets  with out adjusting scope , I held 4 and the wind and put in a 61 gr I missed m i trid again at 5,5 mil it hit , then swapped ammo and yes I can cross shoot ammo in this setup with out touching scope ,





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