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    I purchased a kral puncher breaker in .25 from the classified section here on the forum in late summer,was a great deal even though I did not need another PCP,and all was well at first but then it stopped holding air so I was gonna send it to Troy hammer to be repaired…but Troy is always super busy and I knew it would take a while… so on a whim I called tech support at PA and spoke with Stacey,she gave me the most likely problem areas to check and low a behold she was right,it was a small part of the fill valve that was the problem,and even though she knew I did not buy the gun from PA  she said she would Toss one in an envelope and send it to me…no charge , now you really can’t get better customer service than that,I have purchased many things  from PA but not this gun and that was not an issue I was just a customer with a problem that she fixed.WAY TO GO PA!!!



    Oorah for them!

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