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    My Vulcan Tactic developed a leak out of the barrel. Checked everywhere else and bubbled only out of the barrel. 10 bar overnight, and 10 bar while I was at work.

    I called the Joe B., owner of Topgun Airguns and he was quick to address my problem.  He inferred they could do things to alleviate the problem or just replace the valve. I was ready to start boxing it up when It dawned on me to try “things” to fix my gun without having to send it in.

    I began shooting mag after mag until at just below 50 bar the air dumped out of the gun through the valve and out the barrel. Now at this low shooting pressure, I was firing into my pond as the worry was that pellets would get stuck in the barrel.  When trying to refill, the air still pushed out the barrel further “cleaning” out the obstruction that kept the valve from sealing. I cocked the gun and filling achieved!  

    Since then, not a pound of air loss, I have put a hundred rounds through it a topped the air off a couple times. Still holding firm after a week.

    This fix cost me about 30 pellets off the regulator and maybe 1500 psi on the guppy tank.  I did not send my gun away for two weeks or more during prime shooting weather and saved me and/or Topgun shipping both ways.

    This would work for any gun (PCP) leaking out of the barrel as I have heard they all dump air at low pressure. 




    Above link…..same problem fixed almost same way on a new rifle. Still holding strong.

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