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    Benjamin, I suggest that you stop allowing cabelas to sell your products. I purchased a 98 cu in 4500 psi air tank from their bargain cave knowing that the fill hose was kinked. I sent an email asking about purchasing a replacement. I was surprised and very happy that you offered to have Cabelas ship the tank back so that a replacement could be provided. (at no charge to me). This is not an expensive part but without any hesitation Benjamin went above and beyond to warranty their product. Now comes the dangerous part. I showed the customer service girl the tank and the email. She told me that if I wanted a refund I needed a receipt. I was told that if I left the tank there it would be put back in the bargain cave for resale.I asked to speak to her supervisor.  As the supervisor walked up she was intercepted and they huddled about 20 feet from me. The supervisor looked and pointed at me then they laughed at me. The supervisor walked up, refused to hear what I had to say, and basically told me to take the refund or my toy. Not wanting this damaged and potentially dangerous product on the shelf for sale to someone with less knowledge in high pressure gas. I sent an email to cabelas about this and got a corporate response. After 3 weeks not hearing from the store as promised I resent the original email string. the same corporate response came back. I finally received an email from the customer service manager at cabelas in Buda Tx. Again no follow up I tried to contact the name provided by corporate 4 days prior only to discover that he had been fired. The icing on the cake was an apology from the next in line at the store with no feeling or belief behind it and the offer of a $25 dollar gift card. So to AG Nation your safety is worth $25 dollars at cabelas. I suggest that you drive by this store and spend your money somewhere with average retail pricing and a staff that actually  cares about its customers…..just my two cents

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