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    I finally got the chance to test my ProChrono DLX w/  Indoor lighting setup..
    And.. as my typical 'luck' would have it – I'm experiencing some odd issues.

    [Not with the physical setup – But with the Apps involved]  **Photos Below**

    I'm using the Digital-Link phone app to take the initial readings,  exporting them via e-mail, 
    then importing the data/file into the Digital-Link desktop/PC app

    On the phone,  I have the app settings configured to Feet Per Second and Foot Pounds.
    That seems to be working just fine..
    I export the data, then import it into the PC app..
    As soon as the file opens,  I notice that up top, the speed is 'listed' in Meters Per Second.
    [Even though it is listed as mps,  the speed is 'actually' in FPS – comparing #'s w/ the phone app]

    But now for the more annoying issue..

    Instead of seeing Foot Pounds – Energy is listed as Joules..
    [No biggie right?  Just convert – Not that I want to..  The Joules are not even correct..]
    Joules list a Much higher # than what could even be possible, so to me, it just isn't making sense..

    Phone App:

    PC App:

    Cropping in for a *hopefully* better view of the joules issue:

    *I did e-mail Competition Electronics,  but,  I'm curious if anyone here has also had any issues with the applications, 
    or, maybe has some advise/info..  I looked for configuration/settings options on the PC app, but, couldn't find any..

    Now, it's after 4:00am, and what's left of my brain cells have started to shut down, so I'm giving up for the 'night'.  😜

    Sam –



    No problem with mine.




    Thanks for confirming that these actually do work right.

    If there is a one in one trillion chance that I'd get something defective – I can almost count on it.
    Still no answers as to why mine is doing that, and no word back from the company either..

    Everyone advised to get the new model w/ the bluetooth..
    "Spend more – It's worth it"..  I did, and so far,  it's just frustrating me enough to want to just shoot it..

    Now that I'm moved into my new place,  I'm hoping to set it all back up and see if I can figure things out..
    I would Really like to start tuning a few rifles, and saving the data..  

    *Fingers Crossed*

    Sam –


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