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    Been plagued with erratic behavior with my Wildcat V2. Finally gave FX a call and of course got 100 prompts and no direct access to a real person. Dutifully I did live a mesaage and thought that woulde be the end of it. Several days later a nice young man telephoned me and wanted to know about the WC and what they could dlo. To the point, it's still under warranty and I would have to pay to ship it to them and they would do the repairs and ship it back to me and they would pay the postage on that. Without hesitation the told me right up front that it would be about 3 weeks to get that done.

    I think $50 to ship it after having thousands of rounds through it is a pretty fair deal. On another matter I wanted to know how to adjust a Dreamlite Tactical .22 so it  wouldn't go through the roof of some Dairy farmers i pest for. They got me to one of thier techs and to the point again he said confidently set the regulator at 100 bar and set the power wheel on low. He didn't guarantee it would be low enough and that I should test it with some scrap roofing. There's the beauty of that AMP regulator. Adjust it outside the rifle and don't worry about bleeding it before you adjsut it.  My Benjamin Woodswalker (the carbine .22) chronoed at 400 FPS and it doesn not penetrate. Bend a little but no penettration.

    I think that's good things to show about my experience with FXUSA's cutomer service.

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