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    When tuning and swapping springs I cleaned the tube area where the hammer slides then reassembled the hammer/spring with no lube. Seems to run fine.  I'll leave it at that…the composite MDS coated hammer appears to slide just fine with nothing more needed.  



    As the original architect of the MDS hammers having done years of R&D with them, there fit requirements, surface prep, lubes etc ….

    DRY running on a smooth @ 400/600 grit wet/dry sandpaper surface finish works the best.  They need to be run with .008 to .015" clearance because they do grow & shrink more than a steel hammer with temp & humidity shifts.


    Agree on nearly all applications … hammer lubes aside from dry film types create drag & attract debris / hold dirt and will cause ES issues & inconsistencies in general.


    Scott S

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