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    Keep the reviews coming.

      I mounted a 3-18 34mm discovery on my shorty taipan and am already missing my compact discovery that is on a prod now. Both discovery scopes work great with the unit.  I purposely moved the new scope forward anticipating a long 4” pard mounted on the back. My weld is now on the barrel with just the scope, haha. 

    I made a slip in butt pad for my taipan.  

    My batteries go quick using the really good on board ir light. I plan to have t38 lights on top with rat tail, waiting on 34mm adaptor. 

    I have a photon and like the night owl it is great at what it does but for not switching scopes or having a dedicated nv I think I might sell the photon. I’m on the fence as the photon, not looking throught a scope is more sensitive and my extreme convertion has a great picture.  Love it uses photography lenses and almost bought a zeiss lens just to say or think I have a zeiss nv unit/photon, haha.

    TIP: I ordered some 42mm binocular caps and the retaining band fits good on the adaptor and the cap was just loose but I added some soft sided adhesive velcro around 3/4 of the lip of the pard adaptor to snug up the bino cap.  Works good, looks clean and feel better now dust isn’t just  “collecting” on the back end of my scopes. 

    Sorry for the long posts but I like this stuff or should say really hate rats. 

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