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    A few questions:1) It looks Like Airgun labs is not making the double tubes anymore, is there anyone else that makes these kits?2)  I also want to also regulate the gun.  Anyone know if any regulator can be externally adjusted with or without the double air tube?3)  SSG tune, anyone know if the “new” SSG tune would benefit the P-Rod?  I would assume so since it’s action is based off the M-Rod action.  If so anyone have a parts list I can take to lowes.  Quickly browsed the “Eipc” thread on GTA but didn’t see a parts list….

    4)  which moderator/shroud modification would work “best” (I know very subjective, but I need this thing mouse fart)

    Thanks in advance



    I would talk to Nick at Air Superiority and inquire about his HUMA regulator. You may not need to add a second air tube. It is put inside the air tube so you can’t externally adjust it. As far as the moderator, I would contact Neil Clague here on this forum.

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